NOTICE: Waterleaf Committee Suspension

Waterleaf committee members and residents,

Due to a number of concerns and our increasing inability to efficiently conduct day-to-day HOA business because of apparent interpersonal tension and conflict, we are temporarily suspending all committee activity in its current form.  Although official HOA business (contracts, budgets, assessments, priorities) has always been decided by the board, we have worked hard to include input and recommendations from committee members to assist with board decisions. However, since more board time and energy is being spent deliberating personal interaction and conflict rather than productive business activities, we will temporarily operate HOA business activity directly by board decision.  As always, we will still need community volunteers to assist with the various ongoing needs and I hope that you and other residents will continue by volunteering your time to create a positive environment.  The HOA business cannot stop and will we still need residents to help create an inviting environment.

In order to determine what changes might be needed to implement a committee structure that is focused on productively serving the needs of the community, we are planning an offsite forum (time and location TBD) within two weeks in order to discuss the best way to move forward. The intent of this forum is to assess the validity of the committee structure that has been in place.  This forum can also include discussion of the apparent grievances held by various groups as long as the discussion remains respectful and with a mind toward resolution.  Our attorney will be invited to attend as a resource. There will be no official votes or actions taken at this forum.

If, by the end of this discussion, there is no resolution or agreement on committee/volunteer involvement, the board will consider further action that may result in the full disbanding of the committees until such time as we can achieve community agreement on their activity and involvement.   If we can achieve agreement on how committees will operate to effectively continue HOA business, the board will take action at a future board meeting to clarify roles and responsibilities of all parties so that there is a general understanding of how to move forward.

This has been a difficult time for everyone involved.  Please keep in mind that we seek to achieve a well-organized HOA that places the needs of the community above personal beliefs or opinions.  This suspension is intended for everyone to take a collective breath and decide how the community will be moving forward.  For years, KB Home made the decisions on behalf of the community.  We did our best to address and consider resident concerns.  Personal issues did not affect our intent to create a positive living environment in Waterleaf.  As we move into the discussion, consider your actions and words in terms of whether the input will make Waterleaf a better place to live for everyone.

Feel free to pass this message on to other residents in the community.  We don’t have everyone’s email addresses. Also, we apologize if you receive this message more than once.

Roger Arriaga and April Miertschin