HOA Board Updates


The Waterleaf Board of Directors has recently voted on a couple of significant actions that we want to inform you about as well as provide an update on other items.

First, as mentioned at our last board meeting, director Eric Bauer has submitted his resignation from the board.  In order to continue HOA business, the board invoked it’s authority to appoint a member to complete the term of the vacant position.  As such, the board has appointed resident David Vail to complete Mr. Bauer’s term.  This term will end at the annual meeting election.  Mr. Vail was selected due to his previous experience with HOA boards and his interest in serving the community.  Please offer him your congratulations and best wishes as he is initiated into Waterleaf’s HOA work!

Second, to complement the appointment, the board has also voted to bring the committee structure out of suspension and into reactivation, effective February 21st.  One of the prerequisites to doing this was the completion of guidelines/processes for our main communication avenues.  The board is currently reviewing the final drafts and will have these distributed very soon.  Meanwhile, committees should continue their work and recommend any changes or improvements to their respective groups as we move forward.  The board will provide guidance for any questions raised by this reactivation.


•       The Waterleaf HOA Annual meeting is scheduled for March 24.  Please pencil in that evening.  We are still working on a location, but we should have one identified soon.

•       The ballot language for considering the allowance of chickens on residential property within the HOA is under final review and will be available for proxies as well.

•       The by-law recommendations from the task force are also being reviewed by the board. Once complete, we will send them to the attorney for a state law compliance assessment. These will also be available for inclusion onto the ballot and proxies once complete.

•       Board nomination forms are available on the Goodwin website.  If you, or someone else, is interested in running for a board position, please download the form and return it so that the names may appear on the ballot.  Note that we will also offer the opportunity to have nominations from the floor at the annual meeting.

We look forward to bringing the Waterleaf HOA forward in a positive manner so that all residents enjoy the benefits of a great neighborhood.

Jim Smitherman

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