Get To Know Board Nominee: Bill Sinor

Bill Sinor’s nomination was submitted after the proxy ballots were mailed out so he does no appear on the ballot you have.  If you would like to vote for him, simply write his name in on your ballot.


Hello, I am Bill Sinor. I am running for a position on the board because I want to help be a voice of reason of the homeowners/residents of Waterleaf. I have been very active not only in Waterleaf but within the City of Kyle and our school district. I restarted neighborhood watch almost 3 years ago, am still doing patrols and calling KPD when I see something out of the norm. I also am a current member of the Citizens Police Academy.

I thank the current and former board members for their service to our community.

I am self employed, I arrange my schedule so I will be able to attend the meetings, also be able and willing to talk with and work with the homeowners/residents of our community.

We are in a short time going to be 100% homeowner/resident ran board and I would like to represent not only my family but yours as well.

I believe the board works for YOU and that any questions/concerns you have to be properly addressed. While every vote I make may not make everyone happy, every vote will be cast with what is best for Waterleaf.

More information on his involvement with Hays CISD:

I started “All Pro Dads” at Negley about 3 yrs ago. It is a program that works to get more dads involved in the everyday life of their kids and to help push the kids to be the best they can be. I am currently working on a anti bullying program to go along with the “No Place for Hate” I, as a US Veteran plan and emcee the Veterans Day program at Barton Middle School, a program that is growing bigger and bigger each year. This year we had to move it out side to the BMS football field as we had so many Vets, family and students. Representative Jason Issac was even in attendance and made a presentation to Barton Middle School. I have been active with the PTA since my son was in Kinder and help various offices up to President. I worked with the district office 2 years ago Christmas and arranged for our neighborhood to adopt a family in our neighborhood for Christmas. We (Waterleaf) provided food and toys for this family. Since becoming a civilian again, I have been self employed, I am a Financial Advisor and work with a lot of HCISD Staff as well as many others not only in Kyle and Hays County but across the state. I have been blessed enough with that business to take a back seat and allow the very competent agents of my firm run the day to day which frees me up to work 2 of our “fun” businesses… a gourmet coffee bean company and currently working on opening a new coffee shop. We currently deliver/ship our coffee beans which our of my proprietary blends. the second is we own a very busy photo booth, we also use it as a fund raiser for few schools in the district. This allows me the opportunity to do things with my son who is growing up so very fast.

I look forward to working with everyone very soon. If anyone has any questions please let me know.

Thank you!

Bill Sinor