Get To Know Board Nominee: Tracy Scheel

This is not a bio written by board nominee, Tracy Scheel, but rather a letter of recommendation/qualification presented to the board by resident, Michele Hinojosa.


Board Nominee David Vail

Notice of Annual Meeting



Hello Neighbors,

I just want a moment of your time to introduce you to Tracy Scheel if you don’t already know her, and if you do, inform you she has decided to run for resident board member in our HOA election.

Tracy has lived in this neighborhood for 10 years, being one of the first homeowners of Waterleaf. I have had the same pleasure and have known and worked with Tracy in regard to the neighborhood all of these years.

She has and continues to work tirelessly with the HOA Board and was our very first resident board member previous to this year.

She has attended IN PERSON every monthly board meeting for the past three years, missing only one, this I find an incredible feat of her dedication to Waterleaf Homeowners. I believe as Tracy does, that face to face is a must.

Tracy has been instrumental in the development of our neighborhood growth and for that I thank her.

After her position of board member was up last year, she took on the responsibility of head of Pool Committee. In that role she developed and maintained the scheduled calendar for the pool reservations for neighbors wanting to reserve the Pool and/or Pavilion for private parties, directly worked with the Pool maintenance and life guard company handling all bidding, employment, maintenance and overall every pool issue that arises and holds that responsibility today.

She is knowledgeable in HOA TX Law, knows our HOA budget, has a wonderful long term working relationship with our HOA KB members and Goodwin Management and most importantly has the neighborhood and every homeowner’s best interest at heart.

She began a committee named CORE (among other committees thru the years) in which every committee head was to participate along with any resident interested. This was a great asset where all committee info was shared and any and all questions raised she brought back to the Board and got answers and action. She has supported and attends all possible committee meetings and volunteers her time at all events and this goes back 10 years to the present.

I just can’t say enough about her dedication to Waterleaf! She is not a part of Facebook so you will not see her or know her from there. I urge you to contact her at or call her in the evenings or on weekends at 512/769-6151 to get to know her.

Tracy realizes the importance of one of our greatest investments, our home. Please consider supporting her and electing her for this upcoming term of Resident Board Member, I know I am.

Thank you!

Michele Hinojosa