Neighborhood Watch Tuesday Tip: Snake Bite First Aid

First Aid for Snake Bite 


What to do for snake bite victims. Move the victim safely away from the snake. If you see the snake, try to remember what it looks like or take a digital picture of it if you can but do so without putting yourself at risk. This will aid the doctor in determining which antivenom is needed. Do not attempt to capture the snake; however if the snake is dead, place it in a suitable container and bring it with you to the hospital for identification. Be careful to avoid contact with the dead snake’s head however, as it may be able to bite reflexively for a short time after death. Keep the victim and yourself, calm. Remove jewelry or constricting clothing from the victim quickly, before any swelling begins. Lift the bitten limb so that it is level with the heart. Raising it above the heart level could hasten distribution of the venom to other parts of the body. Holding the limb below the heart level could lead to increased swelling of the affected limb. Limit movement of the bite wound with soap and water, if available. Call 911 if available and seek medical attention immediately. If you are transporting the victim to a hospital, call ahead so that the medical staff can prepare the antivenom for administering upon arrival.



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