July 2015 Newsletter

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To All of Our Neighbors,

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer and is drying out from the much needed, if not a little more than needed, rain. It was very heartwarming to see our neighbors come together to aide those in need in Wimberley, San Marcos, and Martindale. We certainly are proud to have a number of heroes that live here in our community.

As we celebrate our National Independence Day, we look forward to fun, good food, sun, and nighttime extravaganzas with our family and friends. The City of Kyle will be putting on a Fireworks show on Saturday, July 4th at sundown at the Performing Arts Center. Please be mindful our neighborhood children and pets who are sensitive to loud noises during your celebrations and remember fireworks are NOT ALLOWED in Kyle City Limits.

The Neighborhood Watch and Social committees are currently planning the annual 4th of July parade. Come join your neighbors and walk from the city park to our community park. Those committees are also looking for volunteers to hold block party BBQ’s in their driveway. Feel free to contact them if you are interested and join your neighbors in a fun get together.

The governing documents task force is working hard to draft proposed changes to our By-laws that need to be updated. Now that KB Homes no longer has positions on the HOA board, and soon will no longer be members of the HOA itself, it is imperative for us to help create the vision of our community moving forward. The task force will then turn its’ efforts to the DCCRs. If you have any suggestions, ideas, concerns, or comments please contact the Task Force.

This month will be the more informal Core meeting to discuss issues and concerns regarding the needs of our committees and Task Force. Please join us on Thursday, July 2nd. It takes all of us to make a community great.

David, Tracy, Jason, Darla, and Megan
Your Resident Board Members



Community Calendar




Important Reminders About Your Pets

Leash Laws

Please remember the City of Kyle does have a leash law requiring dogs to be kept on a leash at all times. (Art II, Sec 5-38) This law applies in Waterleaf when you are walking your dog around the neighborhood.Keep in mind that dogs should also remain on a leash in the easement areas behind the park and homes.

Register Your Pet with City of Kyle

Animals are required to be registered with the City of Kyle. Visit the Animal Control website at cityofkyle.com/police/animal-control to obtain a registration form. Please note, proof of vaccination is required.

HOA Restrictions

Section 6.7 (h) of our DCCRs addresses the HOA rules regarding pets. Residents cannot have more than 4 pets. Pets must be restrained or confined to the homeowner’s rear yard within a secure fenced area or within the house. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to keep the lot clean and free of pet debris or odor noxious to adjourning lots. All animals must be properly registered and tagged for identification in accordance with local city ordinances.

Secure Animals in Your Backyard

Take a moment to make sure your backyard is secure and that your pet cannot get out of the yard. Repair fences promptly to maintain the safety of your pet and other neighbors.

Clean Up After Your Pet

Please do not allow your pet to defecate in public areas or in the yard of a fellow neighbor. Carry a plastic bag with you on your walks and clean up after your pet. Pet feces can make other pets and young children sick, so please be mindful of others!

Collars and Nametags

Make sure your pet has a collar with a nametag and your contact information. This helps ensure your pet is returned to you should they get out of the yard. You can also email a photo of your pet and your contact information to be added to our pet database to waterleafpets@gmail.com


Summer Safety for Your Pets

Never Leave Pets in a Parked Car

On a warm day, temperatures inside a vehicle can rise rapidly to dangerous levels. On an 85-degree day, the temperature inside a car with the windows open slightly can reach 102 degrees within 10 minutes, & 120 degrees after 30 minutes. With our Texas summer, these temps increase drastically.

Provide Ample Shade and Water

Anytime your pet is outside, make sure he or she has protection from heat and plenty of fresh, cold water. Tree shades and tarps are ideal since they don’t obstruct air flow.

Limit Exercise on Hot Days

Adjust intensity and duration of exercise according to the temperature. On very hot days, consider limiting exercise to early morning or early evening hours. Asphalt can get very hot and can burn your pet’s paws, so walk them on grass when possible. And always carry water to keep your pet from dehydrating.


Helpful Numbers 

City of Kyle Animal Control

If you cannot find the owner, animals at large can be reported to the Kyle AC at 512.268.8800

San Marcos Animal Shelter

If your pet is picked up by animal control, he or she will be taken to the San Marcos Animal Shelter. You can reach them by phone at 512.805.2650

PAWS Shelter and Humane Society

If you find a lost dog, you can visit PAWS and have them scan for a microchip. Please note only owner surrenders are accepted at PAWS. If you are looking for a shelter for a lost dog, contact Kyle Animal Control or the San Marcos shelter. You can also call PAWS if your dog is lost to see if he or she has been brought in. 512.268.1611 PAWS will also microchip your pet for a small fee. pawsshelter.org for more info


Emancipet is a non-profit that can provide valuable services for your pet including low cost spay/neuter, vaccinations, hearworm tests, flea prevention, and microchipping. The mobile clinic often visits PAWS and the San Marcos Shelter. For more information, call 512.587.7729 – emancipet.org

Prevent A Litter (PALS) of Central Texas

PALS is another option for low cost spay/neuters. Vouchers also available for those who qualify. www.preventalitter.com 512.754.PALS (7257)


Nearby Fourth of July Celebrations

City of Kyle

Independence Day Celebration

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm, the pre-show celebration at the PCGC Clubhouse is free to the public and includes live music and fantastic viewing. Hot dogs and cold drinks will be sold under the large tent, along with other snacks.  Parking at the golf course is available for a donation to the Kyle Masonic Lodge. Walk ins welcome.

7:00 pm – Hays CISD Star Spangled Event Hays CISD’s PAC will entertain with music until the fireworks start. The free public program starts off with The Blue Water Highway Band performing from 7p – 8:15p followed by The Starlight Symphony Orchestra and Community Choir from 8:30p – 9:30p.

9:30 pm – When it gets dark enough, around 9:30 pm, the fireworks show will launch from the driving range. Find a spot early enough to see the tall water tower that is next to the Hays CISD PAC on Kohler’s Crossing. If you can see the water tower, you will have a great view of the fireworks.Parking in paved parking lots around the intersection of Kohler’s and Kyle Parkway are the safest locations. The approximately 15-20 minutes of “ooohs and ahhhs” will cap off a day of fun in Kyle.

City of San Marcos

Independence Day Celebration Saturday, July 4, 2015 6:00pm-10:00pm San Marcos Plaza Park FREE! Visit www.summerfestsmtx.com for more info. San Marcos Plaza Park is located on the banks of the San Marcos River at E. Hopkins Street and N. CM Allen Parkway.

City of Buda

Saturday, July 4 9:00 AM Morning children’s parade with fun and games at Buda City Park. 204 San Antonio Rd, Buda, TX 78610 In the evening, come back to City Park to enjoy a spectacular fireworks show.



no_fireworksPer the City of Kyle (Art VI, Sec 23): Remember it is unlawful for any person to manufacture, assemble, store, transport, receive, keep, offer to another or to otherwise have possession with the intent to sell, use, discharge, cause to be discharged, ignite, detonate, fire or other wise set to action any fireworks of any description, except under special permit as authorized by the city or in the fire code adopted by the city. Any person in violation, in the city of Kyle, may be charged by a class C misdemeanor. The fines for possession or use of fireworks is anywhere from $500 up to $2,000.

Please celebrate responsibly and if you want to enjoy fireworks this year, we encourage you to visit one of the nearby city celebrations. To report fireworks in the neighborhood, call the Kyle Police at 512.268.3232



Kyle Police Department Vacation Watch Program

Summer is here which means many are planning vacations. Unfortunately, thieves will be on the lookout for homes that appear vacant for a period of time. If you are planning to be out-of-town for an extended amount of time, in addition to asking a neighbor you trust to keep an eye on your house, you can notify the Kyle Police Department and they will check on your residence or business for up to ten consecutive days while you are away. If you will be gone longer than that, you can fill out a subsequent request. Simply fill out a Vacation Watch Form which can be found at: cityofkyle.com/police/vacation-watch-program

Some safety tips from KPD:

  • Have an alarm installed even if you choose not to have it monitored. Burglars will not stay if an alarm is going off.
  • Stop all deliveries or arrange for a trusted neighbor to pick up your mail, newspapers, and packages.
  • Have a neighbor place garbage cans at the curb on your normal pickup day and return them after the garbage pickup is made.
  • Let your neighbors know when you will be gone. Have them call the police if there is any suspicious activity.
  • Ask a neighbor to occasionally park in your driveway.

Snake Safety Tips

It’s snake season again. A few things to remember to help avoid snake bites. Although non-venomous snakes are actually beneficial (albeit unnerving) to have in your yard the venomous variety are the ones you should be most concerned with. The best way to avoid encountering a snake is to remove the things around your yard that could make it a haven for them. There are some steps you can take to remove food and shelter for them. Get rid of any rock piles, brush piles and mulch piles, keep your grass well-mowed and trimmed. In addition eliminate piles of lumber, debris, firewood, tin and plastic.

In the event of bite:

• Keep the victim as calm as possible. Keep yourself calm as well.

• Know and treat for any symptoms of shock – elevate feet, loosen clothing, etc. Wash the bite area with disinfectant soap.

• Remove constricting clothing or jewelry in the bite area. Prevent movement of the bitten extremity. Splint it, if necessary.

• Seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Citywide Fire Ant Treatment

A local Boy Scout group is organizing a city wide fire ant baiting to occur this Fall. Community wide baiting has been proven to provide the greatest amount of control and the longest reprieve from harmful fire ants. More details coming soon.


Committee Updates

CORE Committee Meeting
Thursday, July 2, 2015
7:00 PM – Park Pavilion

All residents are encouraged to attend and meet your new resident board members as we discuss and vote on our ideas to better our community.

HOA Inspection Dates

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Neighborhood Watch Meeting
Thursday, July 9, 2015
7:00 PM – Park Pavilion

We still need Block Captains! Sign up today!

Neighborhood Watch Events

Yard Decoration Contest



Fourth of July Parade
Saturday, July 4, 2015
Meet at 9:40 AM | Begins at 10:00 AM

Let’s “Red, White & Blue” it up! Decorate your bikes, cars, tractors, pets (must be on leashes), and whatever else you can think of, even yourself! Scout troops, kids groups, veteran neighbors, clubs and organizations are all invited! We will also enjoy a treat after the parade.

Anyone interested in walking in the parade should meet at the City Park on Abundance Lane(435 Abundance Ln Kyle, TX 78640). Spectators can line up along the streets on the East End of Abundance, Holly Grove, and New Bridge. The Parade will leave the City Park on Abundance at 10:00 am and proceed to the LEFT to Holly Grove, then RIGHT to New Bridge, and STRAIGHT to the Waterleaf Community HOA Park at the corner of New Bridge and Sheep Trail (330 Sheep Trail Kyle, TX 78640).

Volunteers can contact waterleafneighborhoodwatch@gmail.com to get involved.





Social Committee Update

There is no meeting for the month of July.

Our Movie in the park went over well, those that attended said they really enjoyed it. We had a minor issue with popcorn but we know how to avoid that next time! We saw lots of new faces and that’s always great. Some residents mentioned not knowing about the event, so if you are coming to an event mention it to your neighbors, ask them to join us. These events are getting better and better, we want everyone in Waterleaf to enjoy them.

The company we used for the screen rental is owned by a local central Texas veteran and they were really a pleasure to work with. Check out their website to see everything they offer at freedompartyrentals.com

We would love more volunteers in the neighborhood. We have over 900 homes and only the same few people attending meetings and planning events on a regular basis. Fresh faces bring fresh ideas and new ways to bring the community together!

Contact us at waterleafsocial@gmail.com if you are interested in helping or have ideas.



Yard of the Month

Congratulations to the June Winners! 

July nominations are due Friday, July 3, 2015
Submit your nomination now!



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