November 2015 Newsletter

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To All of Our Neighbors:

We hope everyone is doing well this “fall” even though Texas didn’t get the memo about the change in seasons. Now that the drought has returned maybe the meteorologists will be right in an El Nino bringing us some rain this winter. Until then, we hope everyone is finding a way to stay cool with the pool now closed for the season.

National Night out was a huge success. Thank you to the Neighborhood Watch for putting the event together, all of the volunteers, especially from Texas State, the local businesses and neighbors who provided donations, and of course all of our neighbors who came out to enjoy the festivities.

We would like to thank Councilman Damon Fogley for coming out to the last board meeting and providing us with great information. Don’t forget, November 3rd is Election Day.

City of Kyle completed its traffic study and has provided recommendations for 3 additional stop signs (Gina @ New Country, Gina @ New Bridge, and Conner Elkins @ Waterleaf). City Council will vote on installing the signs at these locations at the next Kyle City Council Meeting.

We also wanted to remind everyone that Pet Registration is required annually with the City of Kyle. It is especially important to have your pets tagged with all the loose dogs lately. Kyle Animal Control has been invited to our November Pet Day and you will be able to register your pet on site and have them microchipped.

And as always, we are looking for volunteers for all of our committees. Please email the committee you are interested in helping with. And remember to please help keep all of our kids and pets safe and happy.

David, Tracy, Jason, and Megan
Your Resident Board Members


Community Calendar



Additional Stop Signs in Waterleaf

Per resident request, a traffic study was conducted in Waterleaf to alleviate some of the traffic issues we have seen, such as: excessive speeding, ignoring stop signs, etc. Several residents were in favor of installing speed bumps and petitioned City Council.

After meeting with City Council and the traffic study, City Council motioned for installation of additional stop signs in lieu of speed bumps. City Council will have a final vote on the stop signs to be placed at the intersections of Gina & New Country, Gina & New Bridge, and Connor Elkins & Waterleaf at the next Council Meeting. Their initial vote was 5-0 in favor, but 2 council members were not in attendance, so it will go to vote again at the next meeting. If approved, they would be installed in the beginning of November.

Please keep an eye out for updates and installation. Help keep Waterleaf safe by abiding by posted speed limits, coming to a complete stop at Stop signs, and following all other traffic laws.


Use Caution When Entering/Exiting the Neighborhood

With the growth here in Waterleaf and Kyle, our roads are becoming more congested. There is much more traffic now than there was over 10 years ago when Waterleaf began construction. Our neighborhood exits to FM 150 which has quickly become a heavily traveled road where it once was not. While the Texas Department of Transportation has begun early construction phases to widen FM 150, the project will take some time to be completed. Until construction is completed, please exercise extra caution when entering or exiting the neighborhood.

The speed limit on FM 150 is 55 miles per hour and when a driver pulls out of a neighborhood there may not be sufficient time for oncoming traffic to slow down which could (and has) cause many accidents. The City of Kyle has passed a hands free ordinance, but the fact remains that drivers are still driving with many distractions and we all need to be more aware of our surroundings and all accept accountability in our driving actions. Similarly, when turning in to the neighborhood be sure to signal your turn so you are not rear-ended and use caution when turning in front of oncoming traffic.

We cannot control the actions of other drivers, but we can control our own actions. Exercise caution, be aware of your surroundings, and don’t allow yourself to be distracted by phones or other electronic devices. Drive smart, Drive Safe.


Notice of Delays on N. Burleson Due to Construction

Drivers in Kyle should expect delays and possible lane closures on N. Burleson St. between the I-35 frontage road and Spring Branch Parkway during the construction of the Marketplace Ave. extension.

Work on N. Burleson, which includes trenching for utilities, is expected to continue through January 2016.

We remind drivers to use extra caution when traveling through that area of town. Be on the lookout for flaggers, equipment and other conditions that require sudden stops or delays. Visit for additional information.


Committee Updates


Core  Meeting
Monday, November 2, 2015
6:30 PM – Park Pavilion

All residents are encouraged to attend and meet your new resident board members as we discuss and vote on our ideas to better our community.

HOA Inspection Dates

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Social Committee
Tuesday, November 10, 2015
7:00 PM – Park Pavilion

We’ll be meeting to discuss holiday event details and activities. Please come out and join us. We’re always in need of help and fresh ideas for events etc.

Unfortunately, the Halloween Spooktacular was cancelled due to weather, but we’d still like to thank the following for their donations which we will be using toward the next event:

– Natalie Freeman for her gracious candy donation.

– Steve Porter from DTW Art and Frame for the prize donation.

Any students needing community service hours are more than welcome to volunteer with us.

Social committee is in need of committee chairs and new volunteers. Without the help of volunteers, future events will not possible; with the size of our neighborhood the few current committee chairs and volunteers can’t possibly continue doing all the work alone.

Contact us at if you are interested in helping or have ideas.


Neighborhood Watch

Pet Registration & Microchip Event
Saturday, November 14, 2015
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM  – Park Pavilion

Come bring your fur babies and get them legal on November 14th. Animal Control Officer Brianna Brecher will be at the park pavilion to help us get our pets registered with the City of Kyle. She will be accepting registrations on site, so dont for get to bring your cash or checks. The fee is $5.25 if spayed/neutered, $10.50 if not, per pet. Registration form will be available for download on the community website or we will also have some on hand during the event.

Download the form here: Kyle Animal Control Pet Registration Form

Also, PAWS will be on site to provide Microchips for pets at $15 each. Checks, cash and credit cards accepted.


Waterleaf’s, National Night Out, was a HUGE success! According to some of the City’s visitors, our party was the biggest and best of the night!

We served 300 hotdogs, 20 gallons of lemonade, played games galore, watched the wizardry of a magician, handed out over 50 raffles prizes but most importantly, spent a great evening outdoors with our neighbors!

Thank you to the visits from Kyle Police Department, Kyle Fire Department, Kyle Animal Control, City Manager, and Hays County Sherriff’s Office.

Thank you to the student group from Texas State’s Criminal Justice program for their volunteer help in setting up/cleaning up and managing the games.

Thank you to our neighbors who donated gifts to the raffle, volunteered in helping to set up/clean up and offered extra help during the event. We even had our younger neighbors offer to help! Thank you kids!!

Thank you to all of our local businesses who offered donations to our raffle. We were able to collect over 50 items to share. Please be sure and frequent those businesses (see list below), they deserve our support!

( ) = Donation from Waterleaf Neighbor


Yard of the Month

The Yard of the Month Committee is currently in need of volunteers to run the committee. Committee Chairs would be responsible for reviewing the incoming nominations, contacting the property manager to verify eligibility status, and driving the neighborhood to view nominees or looking at all yards to determine a winner.

Individuals who are interested should contact the Board at for consideration.

While we search for committee chairs and volunteers, please continue to submit your nominations so our new members may start their duties immediately.


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