Randall Whited Appointed Interim Board Member

Congratulations to Randall Whited, our interim Waterleaf Falls HOA Board Member! Randall was appointed by the Board during its meeting on Feb. 4 to fill a seat that was officially vacated by Jason Lolley in January 2016. His term expires following the election of a new board member to this seat during the Annual Meeting in March 2016.

Since moving into Waterleaf Falls three years ago, Randall has become a familiar face throughout the community. He regularly volunteers for events, and has participated on various committees that are working to enhance the quality of life in our neighborhood.

 We appreciate Randall’s willingness to step into this temporary leadership role.

 More information about the Annual Meeting will be posted next week.  In the meantime, please send any questions or concerns to the Waterleaf Falls HOA Board at Waterleafboard@gmail.com