Waterleaf Falls HOA – March 2016 Newsletter

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MarchTo All Our Neighbors…


Waterleaf welcomes spring, hoping it does not come in like a lion, but like a lamb and stays that way throughout the month!
March brings the Annual HOA Board of Director’s Meeting. We hope to see as many of you there as possible the morning of Saturday, March 12.  Sign in begins at 8:30 a.m. with the meeting starting promptly at 9:00 a.m.  This year’s meeting will be held at the Historic Kyle City Hall building, 109 Burleson Rd, downtown Kyle.  Our budget, current issues and plans for the future year will be discussed.  Of course your input is needed and always welcomed!
One important item that will be discussed will be the parking of commercial vehicles in our streets and driveways. If you read the DCCR’s you will see under 6.7 (2) “Trucks with tonnage in excess of one and one-half (1.5) tons and any commercial vehicle with painted advertisement shall not be permitted to park overnight on the Property (except those used by a builder during the construction of improvements) unless such vehicle is properly concealed in the garage.”  This has been a hot topic among resident complaints this year and the Board has been lenient but with the amount of vehicles that fall under this rule it may be time to enforce. 
Other topics to be brought up include introductory discussion of ideas on a recreational use building built near the pool, Committee member needed for ARC Review and Newsletter, Proposal to Board from resident regarding quarterly trash collection by use of appointed one day bins, and more. We will also be voting in two residents to join the Board of Directors of Waterleaf HOA.
As you can see this meeting has a lot of information to be covered and your valuable input is needed. Please remember, this meeting must consist of at least 98 people to make quorum to continue the meeting.  We will see you there!
March also brings the meetings of both the Social Committee and Neighborhood Watch, see the calendar for dates/times and please join the meetings to see what is in store for the coming year!
Happy Spring!
Your Resident HOA Board Members,
David Vail, Tracy Scheel, Megan Honick, Michele Hinojosa, Randall Whited


Community Calendar March 2016

WLFCalendarMar16 (1)




There were a few updates, and an appointment to the board at the Board meeting in February. Some of the highlights include:
– A presentation by Howard Koontz on behalf of the City and the Group building the Retail/Convenience store next to the New Country entrance asking that we reconsider not allowing the entrance onto New Country. Due to resident concerns the board agreed to follow the wishes of our residents and not allow an entrance onto New Country.
-Following a vote by the Board Randall Whited was appointed to the vacant board position and based on his experience named to the office of treasurer.
– We are now only 12 votes shy of having a quorum to have our votes counted on the possible bylaw changes. Please continue sending in your votes leading up to our annual meeting. If we’ve received enough votes we will be able to call the Special meeting to Order, count the votes, and have them active for the Annual Meeting. Feel free to email our property manager Jim Smitherman at Jim.Smitherman@goodwintx.com or our Governing Documents task force at waterleafbylaws@gmail.com for more information.
– We’ve also reformed the Social and Neighborhood watch committees and look forward to their success with your help! Email them for more information on volunteering, events, or ideas!



 This Annual Meeting we will have two board positions up for election. They will be 3 year terms currently held by Michelle (our At-Large Director) and Randall (our Treasurer). If you are interested in running please contact Jim Smitherman for an application ahead of the Annual meeting so that you will make it onto the ballot available at the meeting. And as always, if you have any ideas, or concerns please email the board at waterleafboard@gmail.com.


Hello Waterleaf. I wanted to introduce myself to you all, my name is Randall Whited.  I live here in Waterleaf and have owned my home for 3 years now.  I have also just recently been appointed to the HOA Board as interim board member and Treasurer.  The reason for my ad is to announce that I would like to run for the HOA board in March and wanted to tell you a little about myself. I was born and raised in Austin Texas, and am 49 years old.  I became a foster parent in 2009, and my first placement as foster became the two boys whom I adopted.  Between then and October 2015 I have fostered 8 children and provided a safe and stable environment for them to grow. Since then my focus is on my life and my sons.  Professionally I have been in the Accounting field for 24 years with the last 11 years being with the City of Austin, where I am an Accountant Associate in the Library Department. Since purchasing my home I have been to many of the board meetings, committee meetings, and social events to meet folks and to see what goes on around Waterleaf. 
As a board member, I want you to know that I would work to bring transparency to the financials that a lot of you have inquired about. This is your money and I would want to make sure that you know what it is being used for.  I would also work for what is right for the community and what the majority of you would want, even if they go against my personal beliefs.  Everyone should be entitled to have a say in what happens in the community.   I also would promote community involvement in our neighborhood.  At each board meeting I notice only a handful of our neighbors who routinely show up.  It is important to get out once in a while to see what your neighborhood is working on or talking about.  I will work to get the community more involved so that everyone’s voice can be heard.  So that with hearing everyone the board can make a more informed, and well-rounded decision as to what the community wants or need as a whole. Thank you for your time, energy, and support.


Greetings Waterleaf Falls HOA Members, My name is Josh Smith. I will be seeking candidacy for the upcoming HOA board-seating elections.   My wife, children, and I moved children moved here last year after deciding we wanted to make Waterleaf Falls our new home. 
I am a resident who believes in having a community that looks inviting to current and future residents, is financially sound, and is a good place to raise a family. Serving as a board member will enable me to lend my part in enabling a sound future for our residents by striving to increase quality of life and morale within the Waterleaf Falls Homeowners Association. This community will be the place I call home for many years to come.  My educational and professional backgrounds in teaching and public speaking will be an asset to the community in the sense that I am able to deliver clear, concise and understandable information to our residents.  I am an approachable person with a positive attitude.  I have been a Deputy Sheriff in the Austin area for almost twelve years and look to begin teaching Criminal Justice at Texas State University.  My educational experience includes a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and soon to be Ph.D. I work well with peers and as a team while trying to reach collective goals. 
My previous experience working with HOA’s includes working closely with two large HOA’s in the Austin/Travis County area in the past as a law enforcement professional who was utilized to find ways and make suggestions in reducing crime. I have drafted numerous proposals for HOA’s and property management companies, one of which is a major proposal that will soon be presented at the next Waterleaf HOA meeting. I believe in having a community that is aesthetically appealing, as evidenced by my recent winning of the Yard of the Month for February, 2016. 
I believe I am a well-suited candidate that has a lot to bring to the table to assist our community. I am a person who leads by example and with integrity.  Furthermore, I can lend my expertise while helping assure the quality and standards of the board are upheld at all times.  It is understood that the Board is in-need of dedicated, motivated and trustworthy candidacy, all of which are skills and attributes I possess.
Thank You for your consideration and taking the time to read this. Please feel free to send any questions my way.
Hello Neighbors, My name is Michele Hinojosa and I’d like to take a minute to introduce myself and let you know I will be among the nominees running for one of the seats on our Homeowners Association Board this March. I am currently sitting on the Board since this past October when I filled a vacancy left by another member.
I have had the privilege of calling Waterleaf my home for the last 13 years. Being one of the first few to live here, I have seen the growth of not only the neighborhood but the HOA.  I have attended every annual meeting and just about every monthly meeting, as I feel it is my duty to be aware of the financial aspect of my personal investment here.  Through the years I have also invested hours and hours of volunteer work providing entertainment and fun for all.
I started and served as a Committee Chair for the following committee’s year by year; Social, Welcome, Newsletter, Neighborhood Watch, Yard of the Month and recently sat on the Bylaw Committee. If you remember “Boo in the Park”, “Santa’s Caroling Hayride”, Holiday lights at the entrances, the Community Garage Sales, “4th of July Parade”, the new “Special Yard of the Month” holiday decorating contest, and our National Night Out Carnival by Neighborhood Watch, those were just a few of my events I started which have carried on through the years.  Committees here in Waterleaf seem to grow then decline and I have even gone back to revive interest which in some cases worked!  I have made great contacts within the City of Kyle, Kyle Police Dept., Kyle Fire Department and other local vendors who have participated in our events and who have been able to provide support and information to us with my making a phone call.
I am also fortunate in that I have been able to retire this past year and now have the time needed to devote to this position. Having worked in the business sales sector my entire life, I would like to bring to the Board a more organized business model to follow.  I am well versed in managing and projecting sales forecasts, budgets, reading and writing bid specifications, agenda planning, all of which can be used in our HOA Board setting.  The past few months of sitting on this Board has given me plenty of insight of their experience and their projected track.  I plan to put into place added direction to bring the Board into a more positive light in many Homeowner’s eyes.  The current resident run Board has been in office now a year, and its time to become more accountable to the Homeowner’s.  If elected my first goals will be:    
  1. Transparency and communication; information needs to be shared before actions take place.          
  2. I would like to see each titled member be suited and educated in the title they assume.                     
  3. Resolution to open questions addressed in a timely manner.
Waterleaf is a great neighborhood to live in, I sure want to keep it that way! After the many years I’ve been here, I am interested in being a Board member to be sure that my vested interest is being taken care of properly, but not only mine, yours too.  We live in a community of over 950 homes, the HOA Board is now totally resident run and responsible for a large and diverse budget.  We’ve got to be sure that our assets are protected, our investments are sound and Waterleaf is where we want and love to call home.  It’s time the Board takes on a business role as a Board, not another committee.
Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss your concerns. I will gladly meet with you and win or lose, I will continue my attendance at every meeting and bring your suggestions to light.
Thank you,
Michele Hinojosa

If you are interested in joining the race for the open Waterleaf Falls HOA Board positions, please contact Jim Smitherman at Jim.Smitherman@goodwintx.com prior to the annual meeting to ensure your name is printed on the ballot.





 Tuesday, March 8, 2016
7 p.m.
Park Pavilion


Neighborhood Watch

With all the recent break-ins around our city and our citizen’s fast approaching vacation season, please remember to keep safety at the forefront of your minds. Only tell those whom it is necessary to tell that you are going out-of-town, don’t post on social media pictures or information about your whereabouts. If you are planning to be out-of-town for an extended amount of time, in addition to asking a neighbor you trust to keep an eye on your house, you can notify the Kyle Police Department and they will check on your residence or business for up to ten consecutive days while you are away. If you will be gone longer than that, you can fill out a subsequent request. Simply fill out a Vacation Watch Form which can be found at: cityofkyle.com/police/vacation-watch-program
Some safety tips from KPD:
– Have an alarm installed even if you choose not to have it monitored. Burglars will not stay if an alarm is going off.
– Stop all deliveries or arrange for a trusted neighbor to pick up your mail, newspapers, and packages.
– Have a neighbor place garbage cans at the curb on your normal pickup day and return them after the garbage pickup is made.
– Let your neighbors know when you will be gone. Have them call the police if there is any suspicious activity.
-Ask a neighbor to occasionally park in your driveway.
Thank you,
Jeff Swietek and Nola Plumb
Neighborhood Watch Committee


Yard of the MOnth


Congratulations to the February Yard of the Month Winners!
1st Place – 428 New Bridge
2nd Place – 929 Apricot
3rd Place – 130 Cushman
Vote for April Yard Of the Month, March 26 & 27 !
Please send your votes to Waterleafyardofthemonth@gmail.com



Overall City Council has been uneventful, however there have been some ongoing issues that are being addressed including the road bonds construction, zoning changes and city charter updates.
ConstructionRoad Construction
  – Market Place will be completed by March 1, 2016
 – Burleson Rd at I-35 is closed in order to start the construction of Burleson Rd.
 – RR 150 (TxDOT project) looks as though the utilities are being worked to prepare for the initiation of the road construction that will start at the end of the 3 lane elevation by Tobias Elementary.  It will work its way east towards Waterleaf Blvd.


Special City Election is Scheduled for Saturday, May 7
– Amendments to the City Charter which were proposed by a city charter commission and approved by City Council will be on the ballot.
– City Council Districts 1 and 3 will be on the ballot.  Both are At-Large positions which means all voters in the City of Kyle will be able to vote for these positions.  Both incumbents are running for their current positions.  It is unknown at printing who all of the candidates are, but will be posted in the April Newsletter.

Zoning Change

The proposed zoning change for the land on the southwest corner of Yarrington Rd and I-35 from Agriculture to Warehouse has been tabled. This is for a proposed 200+ bay truck stop.



 Spring BreakSpring Break Clean & Green Fun Fest
Saturday, March 19th, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm, Lake Kyle Park
Join the first ever family-friendly event with vendors that offer a slew of different services. The evening will end with a FREE movie; there will also be a chance to win prizes.
Easter Eggstravaganza
Easter BunnyWednesday, March 23rd 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Gregg-Clarke Park (1100 W. Center St., Kyle, Tx 78640)
Age-Specific Egg Hunts:
6:00pm ages 0-3yrs
​6:15pm ages 4-6yrs
6:30pm ages 7-9yrs
6:45pm ages 10-14yrs
Event parking will be available in the following locations:
Gregg-Clarke Park Sportsplex
​Gregg-Clarke Park Field No. 5
Gregg Drive
Central Texas AMVETS Post 115, 401 Rebel Dr.
For more information please visit cityofkyle.com/recreation/easter-eggstravaganza
Kyle Market Days
Kyle Market Days will soon be returning on the second Saturday in April, there will be local businesses and a good way to spend a Saturday with your family to support your local economy.