Waterleaf Falls: Board Message Regarding Annual Meeting, Board Positions

Due to recent resignations from the HOA Board of Directors, there are now four Board positions that must be filled via election by the membership at the Annual Meeting on March 12, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. After speaking to our lawyer, we were given the following options:
  • Proceed as originally planned, with members voting on two positions. With these new members in place, the Board may then make appointments to replace the recently departed positions.
  • Have the members vote on all four positions.
The remaining Board members have voted unanimously for the second option, enabling members to vote on all four positions during the Annual Meeting.
The positions to be filled during the Annual Meeting are as follows:
  • 2 three-year terms
  • 1 two-year term
  • 1 one-year term
Each candidate running for one of these Board positions must commit to serving a three-year term, regardless of the position they ultimately fill. The two candidates with the most votes will serve the three-year terms. The third place candidate will serve the two-year term, and the fourth place candidate will serve the one-year term.
By following this process, we can maintain our schedule for electing the two Board positions that expire in 2017, the single position that expires in 2018, and the two positions that will be voted on this year and will expire in 2019.
Since most of you have already received your Ballots in the mail, you are probably aware that there are only three candidates listed – Michele Hinojosa, Josh Smith, and Randall Whited – to fill four Board positions. An additional candidate, Nola Plumb, has recently added her name to the Ballot. Members who wish to vote for Nola may write her name in the “Other” position. Please keep in mind that nominations will also be accepted from the floor during the Annual Meeting. In the event you wish to vote for one of these floor-nominated candidates, you may also write the individual’s name in the “Other” position.
Based on these unusual circumstances, we cannot stress enough how important it is that as many members as possible attend the Annual Meeting. If you cannot make it in person, please take five minutes to complete the proxy. While attending the meeting is certainly preferable so that you may be aware of and vote for any candidates who are nominated from the floor, filling out the proxy will still enable you to vote your preferences.
There are three simple ways to submit your proxy:
  1. Give it to someone to turn in at the meeting;
  2. Fax it in by 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, March 9, 2016;
  3. Place the proxy in the dropbox at 120 Pasture Cove on the backside of the front porch arch.  If you choose this option, please vote your choices, do not give your proxy to the Board.
We need 100 members, either in attendance at the Annual Meeting or via proxy, to make quorum.  If we do not meet quorum, another meeting must be scheduled in April.  We can all agree that the additional funds required for a second meeting deposit and additional management time is not the best use of our HOA dues, so we encourage every member to please do your part and vote.