The City of Kyle would like to address two (2) issues:

Residents who live next to city parks have been tossing items over their fences onto city property. Dirt, yard waste (grass clippings, leaves), bricks, wire – it’s been a variety of things. Those items cause some trouble for Kyle PARD crews who have to mow/trim (they can’t mow over mounds of stuff) or have to clean up what people throw over the fences. We want to remind folks that it’s against city code to toss anything onto city/park property. This is for safety, not wasting the crews’ time, and aesthetics.

The other issue is that gates on fences aren’t supposed to open onto park land. Apparently, some homeowners have gates that open directly to parks and that is against code. We don’t want to start ticketing folks for violations. We’d prefer to try the outreach approach and ask everyone to be respectful of the city ordinances and of the PARD staff.