Dumpster Day: Saturday Sept 28 at 8 AM

Four dumpsters will be in the large parking lot of the Pool/Pavilion starting at 8
am.  Please do not arrive until this time.  Final drop-off is at 10:30 am or when the dumpsters are filled to the top, after which the dumpsters will be picked up.

Make sure to have an ID or paperwork showing current address with you to ensure that we are using the space only for the residents of Waterleaf Falls. The dumpsters fill up quickly so come earlier rather than later!

Please note that hazardous materials, such as paints, household cleaners, chemicals, dead animals, vehicles or automotive parts, soils, dirt, sand, tires, concrete, bricks, fiberglass insulation, construction materials,
broken glass or sheet glass are not accepted.

Don’t assume the dumpsters will be available through 10:30 as they do fill up early. If you happen to miss it, there is also a once a year free bulk pick up that TDS offers for each customer as well as a low-cost fee for additional pickups ($25 per as of last Fall) Please visit their website to confirm actual cost: https://www.texasdisposal.com/faqs/bulky-collection/

National Night Out Reminder (10/1)

Hello Neighbors!  National Night Out is coming up this Tuesday, October 1st from 6 PM-8 PM at the park!  Come out and get to know some of your neighbors and meet first responders as well as city officials!

Here are some great reasons to attend:


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National Night Out Reminder and Poll! (Corrected time/date)

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Correction from initial posting: The event will be from 6 PM to 8 PM, sorry for any confusion!

Hello Neighbors! National Night Out is approaching soon! It will be held at the park from 6 to 8 PM on Tuesday, October 1. We will have the following for free!!:

Bounce houses (including obstacle course)
Kona Ice snow cones
Meet your local emergency crews (police/fire)!
Pool Open

Please take a short survey helping the Social Committee to help prepare for the event to make it as enjoyable as possible for everyone:


Thank you!!

Waterleaf Falls Social Committee

Poll and Updates

Hello Waterleaf neighbors! We would like to know your thoughts around the frequency and the form in which you receive the HOA newsletter.

If you have a few moments it would be greatly appreciated if you could fill out a quick poll on the subject. The newsletter is currently sent to 992 households at a cost of $780.53 each month (which we all pay for).

Click the link below to take the poll:



Starting the day after Labor Day (September 02) the lifeguards will only be at the pool on the weekends from 9AM – 9PM and the pool will be closing for the season after Oct. 13th. Remember to bring your pool card when visiting the pool!


The next National Night Out will be Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019, from 7 to 9 p.m. at the park. It will be a great chance to connect with your neighbors and maybe even hit the pool up one last time.

Garage Sale and Dumpster Day:

The neighborhood garage sale will be on September 21 and the dumpster day will be the following week on September 28.

There will be 4 dumpsters present this round (2 more than last time), be sure to get there early and bring an ID with your address as they fill up early!

Other news:

In case you may not know, the HOA board meeting minutes are posted to the HOA website after each meeting here:


The newsletter is also posted to the HOA website in digital form here (the newsletter for September is already posted and is due to be mailed within 5 business days):


You can also find all documentation related to the rules and regulations of the HOA (DCCRs) on our site at the link below:


If anyone knows any rain dances now would be the time to really explore the space. Thanks and have a great weekend!

(For any questions please email us at waterleafboard@gmail.com)


Big Pool Closed Today Only

Pool Closed


There has been a fecal incident at the pool.  The large pool is closed until tomorrow morning.  The baby pool will remain open.  Lifeguards will be present. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Dumpster Day is Saturday, May 4th!

If you have bulky items you want to get rid of, then this Saturday is the perfect day to do it as the dumpsters will be here! As usual, they will be in the large parking lot of the Pool/Pavilion starting at 8am. Final drop-off is at 11am after which the dumpsters will be picked up.

Please make sure to have your ID with you as this will be limited to the residents of Waterleaf Falls. Try to get there early as they may fill up before 11.

Please note that hazardous materials,such as paints, household cleaners, chemicals, dead animals, vehicles or automotive parts, soils, dirt,sand, tires, concrete, bricks, fiberglass insulation, construction materials, broken glass or sheet glass are not accepted.

More details may be found at http://www.texasdisposal.com

Volleyball Net

Hello, neighbors! The volleyball net was recently taken down to make it possible to have events in the sand pit during our recent Spring Fling. Some have noticed that the net has not been put back up since. The plan was to have the net back up the following Monday, however, it was noticed that the condition of the net is to the point that it should be replaced, so a new one was ordered. As the replacement is on back order, the current one will be put back up tomorrow until the replacement arrives. Sorry for any inconvenience this net downtime has caused. Thanks!

Spring Fling this Saturday!

Hi everyone. Waterleaf Social Committee is looking forward to seeing you at the spring fling this Saturday April 20th 11:30-2:30 at our park/pavilion play area.Events/times we planned for:1130- egg hunt for ages 3 and under11:50(est. time) egg hunt for ages 4-612:10(est. time egg hunt for ages 7 and older11:30-12:30 the Easter bunny will be hopping around the pavilion12:30(est. time) egg on a spoon races in the sand at the volleyball court1pm gunny sack racing contests, single, 3 legged, mom and dad’s etc.130-145(est time) team water balloon toss(you could get wet)200-215 2 person watermelon eating contests.Times are estimated as some games and contests will be longer or shorter.There will be hamburgers, hot dogs, lemonade, tropical punch and water along with chips.Come on out, bring a chair or blanket and enjoy our Waterleaf Spring Fling.