Get Involved With Waterleaf Falls

Please join the fun! We welcome you to join any of our committees. There is a spot for everyone!

Board Member:  David Vail

Board Member:  Viviana Sandoval

Board Member:  Tracy Scheel

Board Member:  Clinton Kosh

Board Member:  William Bennett

Waterleaf Falls Committees 

Below is an overview of our committees.  Please click on the committees link for more information.

Communication Committee

  • Keep the entire community informed of important community events, as well as city, state, and county items of interest to homeowners.
    •    Maintain frequent contact with other committees to report current events
    •    Coordinate receiving reports from other committees
    •    Generate a newsletter or coordinate submission of articles on a regular basis to be established by the Board or committee based on “news-worthiness” and cost restraints. The final copy of the newsletter must be approved by the Board of Directors.
    •    Update on community information related directly to the neighborhood (road closings, construction, school dates, etc.)
    •    Update on pertinent information in the city (elections, changes in trash days, etc)
  • Update website and the front entrance message boards.

To become involved please contact

Social Committee


•    Foster a cohesive community by organizing fun, interesting events for the entire community so neighbors can meet and socialize each other.
•    Brainstorm ideas for association social events & plan events for the year in advance.
•    Create welcome baskets to make new homeowners feel welcomed.
•    Create an annual budget with an estimated cost for each actual event.
•    For each event, create an itemized budget to be approved by the Board of Directors before any spending takes place.
•    All activities which HOA funds go toward should be all inclusive of the community members. Examples: Opening and closing pool parties, annual BBQ contest, biannual garage sale, Easter egg hunt and other fun events!

 Even if you only have a small amount of time to offer – it is largely appreciated! Contact

Welcoming Committee

  • The welcoming committee is a new initiative to ensure all new residents have the resources they need to enjoy their neighborhood and all we have to offer.

Not active at this time

Yard of the Month Committee

  •  This committee visits the homes that were nominated and choose the top four yards from those nominations. If, however, the committee does not receive any nominations, they will choose the winner(s) by driving the entire neighborhood as they have done in the past.


Governing Documents Committee

  • This committee reviews Waterleaf Falls’ Governing Documents for compliance and possible changes.  The committee brings back their proposed changes to the Board.  Changes will then be voted on by the Members.

Not active at this time, unless covering documents need to be changed

To contact them, e-mail:

Pool Committee

  • This committee oversees the operations of the park and pool area during pool season.  The committee is instrumental in developing and maintaining a safe and fun pool environment.  The members of this committee and their board liaison are the direct line of communication with property management and Austin Pool Pros and respond to all incidents therein.

ARC Committee

  • This committee receives all Architectural Review submissions given, to Goodwin, to decide whether the request meets all requirements in the DCC&R’s.  They will approve, deny or request more information from the homeowner.  This request may take up to 30 days, but the ARC has agreed that the ARC system will be checked and voted on every Friday, making the turnaround less than 1 week.

Nominating Committee

  • This committee, set up by the board, is designed to gather all future board member applications with a desire run for an open board position at the annual board meeting every March. They gather in January or February once or twice to discuss the committee and vet all applications/applicants

Landscaping Committee

  • This committee works with our landscaper to maintain common area and entrance landscaping needs.

Not active at this time

General Committee Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all committees operating in the Waterleaf Falls community as designated by the Board.

  • The purpose of a committee is to assist and advise the Board.
  • The committee must obtain Board approval if dealing with an issue outside its own job description.
  • The committee may recommend policies and rules to the Board. The Board is responsible for review policy recommendations and adopting recommendations they feel are beneficial to the community.
  • The committee does not have authority to implement policies that have not been approved by the Board.
  • Committee recommendations to the Board on policies or actions should be in writing and supported with sound research in order to allow the Board to make an informed decision.
  • Unless otherwise directed by the Board, committees should not give direction to vendors or solicit bids from contractors.
  • Unless otherwise directed by the Board, committees should not give direction to the property manager.
  • The committee should be prepared to report to the Board at each scheduled Board meeting.
  • The committee should determine an appropriate schedule, venue and meeting length for its meetings.
  • The Committee should designate a member to take notes and keep records of the meetings.