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Waterleaf is seeking block captains to better serve the entire neighborhood. What does it mean to be a block captain? • To attend the monthly committee meetings • To communicate to residents on your block any pertinent information along with bringing back information to the HOA or committees. • To help with collecting proxies for annual and special meetings


Satisfaction of helping your community thrive along with community involvement! If you would like to be a block captain, please e-mail:


Neighborhood Watch Past News:


News, August 2015:

Neighborhood Watch has taken on the role, this past year, to get neighbors out to meet each other. The best we can do is look out for each other. And, the best way to do that is to know one another! It is especially important on your own street/block. As said above, know who is supposed to be here and who is not!

Patrolling –Neighborhood Watch does not have an organized patrol group and has not for over a year. Again, residents are encouraged to watch while walking and driving through the neighborhood as well as from your yard/house. Call KPD and report anything suspicious. The non-emergency number is (512) 268-3232. And, in the event of an emergency, dial 911. The group has worked with KPD in developing a patrol program with suggestions and rules, but we have not yet implemented it. Also, Facebook is a great tool to report information; however, please contact KPD first.

Please remember, and this is per KPD, DO NOT CONFRONT, let the police department handle the situation. There are many reasons for this – one being, for your own protection. Save the number on your phone, and call with a detailed description of the situation. Remember – If you see something, say something!


Committee Update June 2015

Hello Neighbors!

Neighborhood Watch held its first BBQ of the summer this past month. Presentations were given on crime trends in Kyle and the central Texas area comparing Kyle’s stats to the central area. Tips were given on how to safeguard both our homes and ourselves. An overall agenda was given on the purpose of NW and what the future plans are. Thank you to Alex Martinez, and Rick and Nola Plumb who volunteered to help from set up to clean up and everything in between!

The Neighborhood Watch Committee is looking for a volunteer to join the team. Please let us know if you are interested! Email us at

Block Captains

A call out for Block Captains was given and we received 8 volunteers. Note that those volunteering on the longer roads are only responsible for about 10 – 12 homes on their streets. Continue to volunteer if you live on those please. Take the time to meet your Captain if they are on your street and remember with the number of homes we have here, we need many more. Please volunteer, we need YOU!


  • Richard Rodriguez – Wistoria Ct.
  • Alex Vara – New Bridge/Peachtree
  • Darla and Cary Damron – Mistletoe
  • Catalina Islas – Rummel
  • Holly Williamson – Apricot
  • Lisa Bible – Pomegranate Cv
  • Susan Coleman – Karrie
  • Michelle Cohen – Quinton Cv

Crime Blotter The blotter gives info on actual calls made to Kyle Police Dept. for service here in Waterleaf. This report posted is for January thru April of this year. We will try and get a monthly update each month. This info is calls only, no results given. Please remember the importance of calling in anything you see suspicious!

Committee Update May 2015

Hello Neighbors!
Neighborhood Watch is once again revamping and we need you!
We will combine our efforts with the Social Committee and make this years goal to get neighbors out meeting each other.  Your involvement is welcome, needed and appreciated by both committees.  Let us know your ideas/ suggestions!
For the month of May we are asking anyone to volunteer as Committee Chairs and Block Captains.
Committee Chairs are those who would like an active part in planning and carrying out our duties for events and meetings. We need 1 to 3 people to join us. You can email us your interest or let us know at the BBQ!
Block Captains, this group will be the liaison on your street to help with communication between the two committees.  It would be great to have one block captain to every 10 to 15 houses.  Your job is to be open to neighbors who may have something to say to the committees, or you may have info to forward via a note card given by the committees.  Very simple but so important for all of us!
So with this in mind time for a contest!  READY – SET – GO!
Be the first to sign up for your street and win a prize!  We will hand out the prizes at our June meeting so we have one month to get as many of you as we can to help out!  If you are interested please email us with your name, address and phone number and we will get in touch!  include any questions you may have.


Neighborhood Street Lights

A drive was made through the neighborhood in August, marking every street light which is either out or not functioning properly and the list has been sent to Officer Dibble for repair. Neighborhood Watch will attempt to keep an eye on all street lights and follow-up on the repairs already submitted.  If you notice a street light that is not functioning, please e-mail us with the address where the light is located so we can report it for repair.

Neighborhood Watch Committee Survey

The last few meetings have been low in attendance. As an important part of our community, your Neighborhood Watch team would like to receive feedback from residents regarding what you would like to see from your Neighborhood Watch. We have put together an online survey for all residents to provide input. Please visit to take the survey. If you would prefer a paper copy of the survey, please email us and we’ll be happy to provide one.

Kyle Police Department Vacation Watch Program

In the battle against crime, the Kyle Police force is strengthened as we rely on the eyes and ears of over 28,000 citizens within our community. The Kyle Police Department maintains a calm, peaceful, but ever-growing city. You can help by following these simple steps to discourage thieves from making you a victim. If you are going to be out of town, complete the Vacation Watch Request Form and we will check your residence or business while you are away. Form and tips can be found on web-site above.

Neighborhood Watch Documents

In June, we had the pleasure of welcoming our Animal Control Officer Briana Brecher to our meeting. She provided us with the updated City of Kyle Animal Oridnance and also information about registering your pet with the City of Kyle. To register your pet, please download this form and follow the instructions for submission: City of Kyle Animal Registry.  Please click the links to see the handouts she left with us and for important information regarding your pets.


Waterleaf DAM Report

This is the monthly report provided to us by Kyle Police Department showing police activity in the area.

Waterleaf Dam Report August 2013

Waterleaf DAM Report Sept 2013

Waterleaf DAM Report November 2013 to April 2014


Waterleaf Police Blotter















Want to join Neighborhood Watch?

To become involved in Neighborhood Watch, please contact and request to be added to the mailing list. Watch meetings are held twice a month, and dates will be posted on this website and in the monthly newsletter. Block Captain positions are also available. Please indicate in your email if you are interested in learning more about becoming a Block Captain.

Previous Committee Updates

Committee Update July 2014

Neighborhood Watch had a great meeting this past month and we send a big thank you to Mike Leas of Breadcrumbs ID and Texas DPS. They informed us on the topic of missing children and adults, and the many ways communication is sent out for anyone missing. We learned a lot of what goes on behind the scenes and what we need to do to help law enforcement find a missing person.

There is no Police Blotter this month, as it was not received from KPD.

Happy 4th of July Waterleaf! Please celebrate safely and keep in mind that fireworks are not allowed in the City of Kyle. Let’s try and be respectful of each other. Many have babies and children sleeping and pets who are very frightened by fireworks. Let the professionals do this entertaining for us!

The following weeks from now through October we will be working on National Night Out. If anyone is interested in volunteering we need your help! Please email us and we will let you know when we get together! Thank you!

Waterleaf Neighborhood Watch
Michele Hinojosa, Jason Lolley, Jeff Swietek

Important Message from Neighborhood Watch – May 2014

The group has begun to re-organize and make plans for the next couple of months. A last minute meeting was held Tuesday, April 8, to ask residents for input on their interests, ideas and suggestions for the group. Mentioned was:

Neighborhood Watch Signs
Result – The bid for 7 to 9 NW signs to be placed around the neighborhood was submitted to the Board. Watch for these to be installed, once approved by the Board and delivered by the sign company. They will be placed at each entrance to the neighborhood, at the pool and at each HOA owned culvert.

A block captain serves as a point of contact on each block or set number of houses for longer streets. Your duty is to keep communication flowing between your set area of neighbors. This is very easy and one of the most important keys to a successful watch program. Starting from scratch at the meeting, 6 people volunteered covering Japonica Ct., the east end of New Bridge, east end of Apricot, middle east of Apricot, Peach Tree Pass and the middle part of Sheep Trail. Ideally each Captain should be assigned about 10 homes so we have a long way to go, please consider joining in! Contact us if you are interested in the position.

Meet Your Neighbors Block Parties
This suggestion was to schedule block parties around the neighborhood at different locations for residents to meet neighbors. Result – NW will schedule monthly pot lucks around the neighborhood, a different location each month. The whole neighborhood is invited, details to come every month thru newsletter and website. The first one is scheduled for Saturday, May 17 at 6pm, at the Pasture Cove cul-de-sac. We will be extending invitations to local law enforcement agencies and other local officials to stop by if their schedule allows. A BBQ pit will be provided, please bring your item to grill for your family, your own beverages and a dish to pass that will serve 8 along with your picnic gear, i.e. chairs, blankets, etc.

Waterleaf Police Blotter
Result – Beginning this month a listing of the number of calls made to the police from the previous month will be posted in the newsletter. It is broken down by call types and the number of those calls. For a more detailed listing, the DAM report supplied by KPD will be posted monthly on the Waterleaf website on the Neighborhood Watch Page.

Result – Details are being worked out on this topic. Remember, as stated by, and this comes from KPD as well, “ does not advocate watch members taking any action when observing suspicious activity in their neighborhood. Community members only serve as the extra “eyes and ears” and should report their observations of suspicious activities to to their local law enforcement.” KPD states “trained law enforcement should be the only ones ever to take action, citizens should NEVER try to take action on those observations.” Watch, listen, report to police. Do not follow, approach, confront, circle, chase or take any other action. Watch and report. We are discussing further rules, tips, and the follow thru of reporting to the committee what info is called into KPD to keep lines of communication open.

Event Volunteers
Join in the planning and executing of events. We welcome all hands to hold exciting events, remember even our teenagers have talents and we’d love their participation!

Tuesday Tips
These will resume, a safety tip will be posted weekly every Tuesday to the Waterleaf web site and monthly in the newsletter beginning in June.

National Night Out will be held here in Waterleaf on Tuesday, October 7. We need many volunteers to get this celebration planned and held. If you are interested please email us to volunteer. More info to come on this.

If you are interested in joining the Committee please email us at, we are building a leadership team of 5 and have two co-chair spots to fill. For any and all other participation or info/suggestions and ideas we also welcome your email or input at future meetings. New committee: Chair, Michele Hinojosa, co-chairs, Jason Lolley and Jeff Swietek. Our plan is to assign each co-chair a topic which will be their responsibility to lead and follow through.

Again, we are rebuilding and ask for suggestions to successfully move forward.


Be safe,
Waterleaf Neighborhood Watch


Past Events


Pasture Cove Block Party

image (1)

Four grills, hamburgers and hotdogs, neighbors meeting neighbors, Grammy’s ice cream, kids and the Kyle Fire Department made for a great night at Neighborhood Watch’s first BBQ Pot Luck! A special thanks to Natalie Freeman for her donation of soda to the BBQ. We had a lot of fun and kudos to Lt. Mike and his crew from KFD for spending the evening with us. The kids loved getting inside the shiny red fire truck/rescue unit and seeing all the equipment and how it is all used. They even got to put on the fire fighting protective wear, so fun! We also had a visit from KPD but was cut short due to a call.

We will do this again in another part of the neighborhood soon, so watch for details!

3-on-3 Basketball Tournament

We would like to thank all who came out to help at the 4th of July activities! A special thank you to the Kyle Police Dept, Kyle Fire Dept. and Kyle/Buda Local VFW Post 12058 for joining us as we paraded from Park to Park. Adults and kids had a great time in their Red, White and Blues and we all enjoyed popsicles afterward! Kudos to the helpers and participants of the basketball tournament. Nine teams played and had a great time despite the heat. Due to the success, we are considering holding another contest in the fall.

Thank you Natalie Freeman for donating water and sodas. Thank you Dan, Franklin, Daryl, Keeouka, Miguel and Jennifer for your help on the court.