Pool Info

Pool now open at regular hours.

Don’t forget your pool key card!  It is required for entry, with or without the lifeguards present.

Guarded Hours:


  • 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


  • 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM

*The pool will be open with your key starting at 5 AM each day and will be closed at 9 PM.

The danger of exposure to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 exists. The association cannot ensure that any surface is germ-free. By entering the pool, you take responsibility for your own protection including for disinfecting your hands and any surface you touch. Do not use the pool if you have a cough, fever or other symptoms of illness.
Maintain at least 6 feet between you and other people who are not a part of your household.

Wear a face covering when you are not in the swimming pool.
No guests allowed. Waterleaf Falls residents only.

Any violation of these rules will result in the pool being closed. Thanks for your help to keep this neighborhood safe!

If you need a pool key see below on this page.

Address: 330 Sheep Trail

Questions or concerns, email the board: WaterleafBoard@gmail.com

Reservation info for the Pool/Park Pavilions is included below.

Pool Key

All residents MUST have a pool key to enter the pool area. You will NOT be allowed in the pool area without a pool key.  Pool Keys must now be requested or reactivated through the Goodwin Portal by logging in to your account. Please contact our property manager Jim Smitherman at jim.smitherman@goodwintx.com for your login credentials or other issues.

If your pool key card does not work, please contact the property manager, Jim Smitherman. All issues and questions regarding pool key cards should be directed to Jim.

Pool keys are frequently maintained by Goodwin Management.  If your account has been in good standing and your key worked in 2017, it should continue to work in 2018.  If you have never gotten a pool key, or if your key is not working please click the Goodwin Portal link above or visit: http://hoasites.goodwintx.com/wlf/Home.aspx and fill out the “Application for Pool Access” form.

Pool Utilization

To utilize the pool, Homeowners and Renters must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Must be a resident member and/or guest of a resident member.
  2. Must be current on all maintenance fees. Fees must be paid in full ten (10) days prior to issuance of the key card or currently on a payment plan for new season activation.
  3. Must have a key card to enter facility.

Pool Rules

All Homeowners and Guests must abide by the following Rules:

  1. Always obey the lifeguards. Lifeguards are authorized to enforce these rules including ejection of non-compliant residents and guests.
  2. PARENTS ARE DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS OF THEIR CHILDREN. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a resident 18 years or older and stay under direct supervision of said resident. Residents 18 years or older may supervise a maximum of four (4) children under the age of 14. Parents/Guardians may supervise all children living in their household.
  3. All guests must be accompanied by a resident who remains at the pool during the guest’s visit. One residence (household) may host a maximum of 4 guests subject to the restrictions of rule #2.
  4. Lifeguards are authorized to refuse entrance to residents without a working key card. Key cards will not be given to non-residents.
  5. Absolutely no running or rough play at any time (e.g., throwing each other, pushing, dunking, getting on another’s shoulders, splash fights, or dog fights). Anyone exhibiting this type of behavior will be asked to leave the pool area.
  6. Diving, flipping or unsafe jumping from the side of the pool is prohibited.
  7. Tobacco products or chewing gum in pool is prohibited.
  8. No glass containers or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the pool area. Omitted alcohol with board approval provision Food and drinks are allowed in the sitting area by the pool only. Only water in plastic containers will be allowed on the pool deck. ABSOLUTELY no food is allowed on the deck or in the pool.
  9. No littering. Please use trash receptacles provided in the pool area.
  10. Recreational flotation devices are allowed at the lifeguards’ discretion based on pool occupancy. Safety flotation devices allowed include noodles, kick boards, arm floats and toddler life preservers.
  11. No offensive language or loud, profane, vulgar or otherwise offensive music.
  12. Swimmers in the water have the right of way. Those entering the water must make certain no one is in front of them.
  13. No pets allowed.
  14. No bikes, razors, skateboards or motorized vehicles apart from handicapped scooters inside the pool area.
  15. Proper swimming attire is required. Cut-off jeans and street clothes are not allowed in the pool. Plain t-shirts can be worn over swim wear. Children under 3 years of age must wear appropriate swim wear (swim diapers).
  16. The use of cocoa butter, baby oil and other heavy suntan oils cause filter damage. Use these lotions sparingly.
  17. No swimming after designated swimming hours. The household key card of anyone found to be in the pool area after hours will be deactivated for a period of up to one calendar year.  All parties using that key card will be negatively affected.  The individual(s) involved may have trespassing charges filed against him or her.
  18. Swimming with an open sore or communicable disease is prohibited.
  19. Only the lifeguards are allowed on the stands. They have the authority to remove from the pool area anyone disobeying the rules or endangering the safety of themselves or another person. The lifeguard has the authority to suspend an offender for one day. Additional violations will be turned over to the Board of Directors. Egregious violations, as determined by the Board of Directors, or repeat violations may result in deactivation of the household key card of the violator for up to one calendar year.  All parties using that key card will be negatively affected.”
  20. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR KEY CARD TO ENTER THE POOL AREA. Opening the gate for anyone without a key card will result in the deactivation of the household key card for up to one calendar year. All parties using that key card will be negatively affected. The gates are to remain locked. Under no circumstances should the gate be propped open.
  21. Vandalism or improper use of HOA owned property or equipment can result in the deactivation of the household key card of anyone found participating in such activities for up to one calendar year.  All parties using that key card will be negatively affected.  Such activities may result in charges being filed against the offender(s).

 Baby Pool Rules:

  1. Lifeguards are not responsible for the baby pool
  2. Users must be accompanied by a parent or guardian eighteen (18) years of age or older, and be within an arm’s reach at all times.
  3. Parents or guardians are responsible for their children.
  4. All pool rules apply to the baby pool.
  5. Swimsuits are required. Disposable diapers not allowed. “Little Swimmers” or plastic/rubber underpants are recommended.
  6. Only-non-swimming, pre-school children five (5) years or under may use the baby pool.

Please use caution at all times while in the pool area, and enjoy the summer!

Pool Schedule is subject to change without notice.

Adult Swim

Pool and Park Pavilion Reservations – Halted for Covid 19 Practices

The Pool and Park Pavilions are available to reserve for parties and gatherings. In order to host an event at either the pool or park pavilions you must be in good standing with the HOA.

The Pool & Park Pavilions can be reserved for a total of four (4) hours per reservation.

The Pool Pavilion can hold up to 20 people and guests must follow all pool rules.

The Park Pavilion does NOT have a maximum.

Please keep in mind that park parties may not go in and out of the pool and pool parties must stay inside the gates of the pool area.

To Reserve either Pavilion click here or copy this link and paste into your browser www.supersaas.com/schedule/Waterleaf_Falls_HOA/Amenity_Reservation_Calendar.

  • Have fun and enjoy the facilities!
  • Please clean-up after the function and return it to the way it was prior to the function. Remember that you must provide your own trash bags and all trash must be removed from the pavilion(s) following your event
  • You will need to create an account and agree to the rules. A deposit will no longer be required; however, if the HOA needs to ask the porter service to come out and clean up, you will receive a bill on your HOA ledger as to the porter service charges.

For additional information please call Goodwin Management, Inc. (512) 502-7540