January 2016 Newsletter

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To All Our Neighbors…

We wish you and your families a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

As the saying goes, “Out with the old, in with the new!”

We say goodbye to 2015 and send a thank you to all who have volunteered hours in planning for both business and recreational interests here in Waterleaf. Many ideas came to fruition from attending meetings and submitting suggestions. Your participation, no matter how small or large, is so important in keeping Waterleaf a community in which we are all proud to live. More in depth information is found inside, but this is a gentle reminder, that without your participation we can not continue having the fun events we have had in the past.

2016 will start off very busy and we need you to be involved! Again, please see notes inside and please mark down all important dates coming up in the next few months!

We look forward to seeing you at the next upcoming meeting and invite you to bring your ideas for the new year!

Your Resident Board Members,
David Vail, Tracy Scheel, Megan Honick, Michele Hinojosa


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——–  HOA Business & Updates  ——–

Update on Waterleaf Committees

You may have noticed that there was no newsletter for the month of December. All of our committees with the exception of Yard of the Month have disbanded based on lack of attendance or volunteers. The board is still planning to hold events for our neighborhood starting in the spring, and is also now writing articles for a newly designed newsletter featuring articles on local events, city business, HOA business, etc. As always, if you have any questions, ideas or concerns please email the Board at waterleafboard@gmail.com


Changes to HOA Dues Payment Structure

We have heard your requests and have changed our HOA dues payment structure in order to be more flexible with payment of your HOA dues. We have now converted to a monthly payment styled structure for those people who had issues with paying the full amount so early in the year. With the new structure you now have the ability to pay however is easiest for you. You can either pay the minimum amount, break it up into larger payments (i.e. quarterly $100 payments), or just pay it in full! Please contact our property manager, Jim Smitherman, with any questions regarding the new payment structure.


Annual Meeting

We will also begin planning for our annual meeting very soon. This annual meeting will be for reviewing our budget, creating current/future plans for the neighborhood including capital improvements to the HOA park, maintenance to the watersheds, and more. If you have any ideas on meeting spaces, or in general please send them to waterleafboard@gmail.com


Special Meeting to Vote on Proposed Bylaw Changes

Saturday, January 16, 2016
10 am to 2pm – Park Pavilion



We have received our response from our attorney as to the wording and legality of our suggested Bylaw changes proposed by the Governing Documents Task Force. We as the board will review those changes and be setting up a packet that will be mailed out to all of our HOA members. This packet will include a letter with the possible changes, directions on how to vote, a proxy form, and voting ballot sheet that can be mailed in in case you are not able to come to the meeting on January 16th from 10am to 2pm to vote in person. The Meeting will be informational only so that you may ask questions about the changes proposed by our Task Force, and will only be to vote on the proposed changes. Any additional information or proposals will be tabled for another time or meeting so as to expedite the vote and prevent the cancellation of any ballots sent through the mail. The changes will only take place depending on quorum being reached through mail in proxies and/or attendance at the meeting in person.


Additional Stop Signs in Waterleaf

The Kyle Police Department performed a warrant assessment study to determine the need for additional stop signs here in Waterleaf falls. While the study did reveal stop signs were not warranted, the police department still felt additional stop signs were needed in assisting the reduction of traffic speeding through the neighborhood and requested City Council approve a four way stop at Connor Elkins and Waterleaf Blvd, a four way stop at Gina and New Bridge, and a 3 way stop at Gina and New Country. The City Council approved the measure 7-0 and we should be seeing these by the end of January. We know a few of our residents would prefer speed bumps/humps, however the city is against these due to damage to emergency vehicles.


Land Zoning Changes

The 8 homes on the west side of New Country just south of Gina from 395 to 321 may see changes in the field behind your home. The City Council voted to approve a zoning change to the property from AG to M2 which would allow a manufactured home on the property.

A Note from Our Mailman

Please neighbors, if you can, make a trip at least once a week to retrieve your mail. The boxes get very full and slows down mail delivery when flyers and certain pieces of mail have to be squeezed into the boxes because they are stuffed full. Once full, the mailbox can be emptied and its entirety brought back to the Post Office for pick-up. Our regular mailman does not want to resort to doing this because it is inconvenient for us and also the paperwork he has to write up. Thank you!

Yard of the Month News

Yard of the Month Committee is back up and running, and we have several month’s of news to catch up on! Congratulations to all of the Winners!

December Christmas Yard Decoration Winners

1. 110 Mistletoe Lane
2. 605 Apricot Drive
3. 172 Mathews Lane

November Yard of the Month Winners

1. 231 New Bridge
2. 679 Apricot
3. 175 Mistletoe

Halloween Yard Decoration Winners

1. 880 Newbridge
2. 111 Japonica
3. 172 Matthews


Top 10 Rules for Being a Good Neighbor and Improving the Community

1. Don’t make judgments about your neighbor.

2. Respect your neighbor.

3. Get to know your neighbors, and offer to help should they need it.

4. Be a responsible pet owner. Register your pets with the City of Kyle, be mindful of city leash laws, maintain fences to keep pets contained.

5. Don’t play music so loudly that it bothers your neighbor(s), especially in the evenings. The city ordinance states loud music and noise is prohibited between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am

6. Park in front of your own property, if parking on the street is a must, do not block sidewalks.

7. While driving, walking or riding a bike through the neighborhood, offer a smile and a wave to passersby, let’s be Waterleaf friendly!

8. Clean up after yourself.

9. Take care of your property.

10. If there is a problem, talk about it. Direct conversation is more effective than posting on Facebook.


——–  City of Kyle News  ——–

The floods of Halloween tore up the city pretty badly, including Waterleaf Park. The city has been working hard to restore all services and return back to normal. Unfortunately a lot of the improvements that were made to the park last year were either washed away or contaminated by flood waters. Luckily there is money in the capital improvements budget to repair the damages, like replacing the sand in the softball fields and replacing the fall material in the playscape without requesting any additional funds. Waterleaf Park alone will cost $19,424.00 of the total $79,497.02 for all of the parks to get back to where they were before the floods.

The following was posted in the City of Kyle eNewsletter: All Hays County residents who suffered uninsured flood damages are eligible to apply, regardless of immigration status, for assistance. Available programs include grants, low-interest loans to qualifying residents and business owners, temporary housing assistance, and unemployment aid. The three ways of applying for flood assistance* are:

1.)By phone at 1-800- 621-3362

2.)Online at www.DisasterAssistance.gov, or

3.)In person at one of several registration centers staffed by representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Small Business Administration. Centers are now open at:

• San Marcos Activity Center, 501 Hopkins Street, San Marcos

• Hays County Pct. 2 Office, 5458 FM 2770, Kyle

• Precinct 5 Office, 500 Jack C. Hays Trail, Buda

• Wimberley Community Center, 14068 RR 12, Wimberley.

All Offices will be open 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday until further notice.


——–  Events in Kyle  ——–

“Kyle-O-Meter” Resolution Run
January 1, 2016
Wallace Middle School

The “Kyle-O-Meter Resolution Run” will help promote those resolutions we make every year to live a healthier lifestyle. The Resolution Run will start at Wallace Middle School. For more information or to register please go to www.kylechamber.org. There will also be businesses to help you to follow your progress throughout the year and can provide helpful tips and secrets for you to keep your resolutions.

Polar Bear Splash Club
January 1, 2016
City of Kyle Pool

The Polar Bear Splash Club will hold it’s traditional dip in the pool. This takes place at the Kyle Pool, anyone can join, and registration is $15. For those of you less daring you are more than welcome to come and watch as admission is free. For more information please visit cityofkyle.com/recreation/polar-bear-splash.

Texas Old Town Bridal Fair
January 31, 2016 2 PM to 5 PM
Texas Old Town 1205 Roland Ln

On January 31st from 2pm until 5pm a Bridal Fair Will be held at Kyle’s own Texas Old Town Wedding and Event Venue. You will be able to tour the entire venue and also meet vendors there ready to assist you in all of your wedding needs. For more information or to RSVP: www.texasoldtown.com or call (512)396-1800.


——–  Events in Waterleaf  ——–

Waterleaf Falls Special Meeting
January 16, 2016 10 AM to 2 PM –  Park Pavilion

We will be holding a Special Meeting to vote on proposed changes to our bylaws. Members only need to attend this meeting if they have any questions before voting, or were not able to mail in their Proxy and Ballot in time. Earlier this year the Governing Documents Review Task Force reviewed our Bylaws and suggested that changes be made to help protect our community and HOA. The Board reviewed their suggestions, checked with our attorney on legality and wording, and now will be presenting them to you for a vote. For more information email the Waterleaf HOA Board of Directors at waterleafboard@gmail.com



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If you have not already done so, you can subscribe to receive e-mail updates from our website, simply by entering your email address in the box on the right hand side of the webpage. We will send you updates to be reminded of upcoming meetings and events. This is also the official method of communication for the board, so updates regarding improvements or other issues will be posted here. You will not be flooded with e-mails or spammed from the website.


If you have any information you would like to share with neighbors, or if you’d like to write an article, please contact us! All newsletter submissions are due no later than the 15th of each month. Submit your article to waterleafboard@gmail.com

The Governing Documents Taskforce needs YOUR help!

This is a very exciting and important time in our neighborhood.  Our Board recently formed a Governing Document’s Taskforce to close some loop holes left behind by KB Homes in our Bylaws and Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (DCCR).  While the Taskforce is formed, it is highly important that we have the input of the Homeowners.  In order to work in the best interest of all Homeowners we are asking for your help to complete this task.  If there are any ideas, suggestions, or changes you would like to see made to our Governing Documents (Bylaws and DCCR’s), we need to know as soon as possible.

Here are some examples:

Community Enhancement Fee – if you would like to see this fee removed or adjusted to be paid just at purchase, or just at sale, the appropriate covenant would require an update.

Commercial vehicles – if you have a commercial vehicle for work and bring it home, (which our covenants currently don’t allow) but you want to be able to park it at your residence, this specific covenant would need to be adjusted.

Please let us, or a Board Member waterleafboard@gmail.com, know if there are any bylaws or covenants that you feel need to be revised.  Please email your requests to waterleafbylaws@gmail.com.  We will review all suggestions and make necessary recommendations to the Board.

Now is our chance to make a direct difference in our neighborhood.  With your help, we can truly make Waterleaf Falls a great place to live. Thank you and we look forward to your input and ideas. For access to all the governing documents for our community please visit http://hoasites.goodwintx.com/wlf/GoverningDocs.aspx.

Governing Documents Taskforce

Reminder: Bylaw Review Meeting

Bylaw Review Task Force

Sunday, September 15, 2013
7:00 PM – Park Pavilion


The task force has been asked to identify changes that are needed in the HOA bylaws. This meeting will be to talk through the changes we have identified that will be presented to the Board for consideration and to gather input from the community regarding any changes they would like to see. A community vote is required before any changes go in to effect.