Notice: Update on Lighting Project

Dear Waterleaf Falls Residents,

I would like to bring you all up to speed on the new lighting project occurring in the HOA park and pool area.

After having received multiple concerns and complaints regarding criminal behavior at the park and pool areas, your HOA Board voted to install additional lighting to help curb these incidents. This decision was made after reviewing several bids from different companies, as well as comparing the costs of installing lighting to the cost and efficacy of installing only new surveillance cameras without additional lighting, and the best, most cost-efficient choice was then made.

The work began to install this lighting two weeks ago, and some of it is completed,  while more work is still to be done. Once finished, the goal is that with appropriate lighting in place, vandals and other criminals will be deterred from using the park and pool for their activities.  Some of the lights (like the ones directed at the newly renovated basketball court) will be on a timer to switch off at the park curfew, while most will remain on all night to curb criminal activity and assist Kyle PD in their patrols.

If there are any questions regarding this project,  or other concerns you would like addressed, please contact your Board at We are also holding the September Board meeting in the neighborhood at 6:30 pm on the third Thursday of the month (September 19th) at the pavilion,  if you would like to address the Board in person. Hope to see you there!

Thanks and God Bless!
Abbye Crandall
Resident Board Member