SAFETY UPDATE: Please Attend the Kyle City Council Meeting – Tuesday, July 21, 2015 7:00PM


We are asking for resident support at the upcoming Kyle City Council Meeting held at Kyle City Hall Council Chambers located at 100 W. Center Street, as our topic has been added to the agenda. Our HOA Board has been in contact with the City Council regarding safety concerns with excessive speeding and careless drivers in our community. At the June Board Meeting there was discussion of the possibility of adding more stop signs, especially on the main entry points: Waterleaf Boulevard, New Bridge Drive, and New Country Road. There is an understanding that increased police presence may not be a viable option, but concerned residents feel that a traffic study should be conducted to determine the effectiveness of stop signs and/or speed humps. The Board understands that speed bumps would impede emergency vehicles and that is not our desired result. The Board also realizes that there may be a cost associated with installation of speed humps and the Board would be open to considering this cost, if it proves to be a possible solution. The Board is also open to any and all suggestions to help make Waterleaf Falls a happy and safe community.

Megan Honick, Board Treasurer will be holding a planning meeting for residents who wish to come out and voice concerns. Please come to the Park Pavilion on Sunday, July 19th at 6pm, so we can brainstorm our plan to fit our material into the allotted time at the City Council Meeting.


Communication Committee